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Yuu Philosophy

Principles for Dwellings

3. From design to construction—the art of making an irreplaceable house

A solid-wood home should be a place for current life, the value of which will grow over many years. In designing such a house, we keep in mind the balance between supporting necessary current activities and maintaining flexibility for future changes in lifestyle. This requires careful design of the heavy-timber structure as well as all the details that will ensure the smooth and enjoyable use of the spaces.
Our homes are constructed in the “expression” style, in that we do not hide the heavy timber “bone” structure, but rather express and celebrate it. This creates a basic tension in that, while remodeling and renovation will be easier later, every joint must be perfectly executed; nothing will be hidden. This demands careful job-site management to ensure a beautiful, rational, and smooth interaction of the building components. To accomplish this, we not only depend on the skills of master craftspeople, but we also maintain a tight connection between the designers and the construction site.
It is not uncommon that our design staff will be in constant attendance at the job site during all phases of construction. In this way, we have gained both a valuable store of technical knowledge and a tight-knit regional network of craftspeople with whom we closely collaborate.